Saturday, May 15, 2010

After spending last week at Disney World (woohoo Mickey Mouse & gang!) - I really need a rest! We ended up going through Nashville right before the really ugly flooding on I-24 (by about 2 hrs!!) and want to say a little prayer for all those that live there and are going thru the ugliness of it right now. I also want to say a little sad goodbye to my cousin Erin - who (at 30) recently died of an asthma attach - rest in peace my sweet & funny cousin :( 

On a brighter note, I am getting some more stuff to put in the shops - some hand made goodies as well as some vintage awesomeness! I've had lots of inspiration and am cracking the whip!!

  On another shout out - go to my Twin City Derby girls - who are about ready for their first scrimmage between the 'Paign & the Boneyard Bombshells!!! One of these days - I'll be there getting ready to kick some butt with ya!! Maybe after the broken tailbone heals...