Wednesday, June 16, 2010

       Getting ready to take my WFTDA skills test at the end of the month - so busy, busy, busy! I love the feel of getting on my roller skates, and getting out on the floor getting ready to use my "assets" to pummel the crap outta people! Seriously - there is nothing like it!  : )  Hoping I will be fast enough by the end of the month to pass - I think I got all the rest of the skills...I hope!
       Getting ready to also put more new stuff in the shops! I've got some more fabrics and some more vintage goodies (Like this Hollie Hobbie sewing machine toy from 1975!) going stop by and see!
        On a more depressing note, I think we need a real President - not a crappy politician who can't actually lead a country. This Gulf oil spill should have been taken care of when it first happened, NOT 58 days later when it's starting to threaten the lives of all the people who live within a couple hundred miles off of the coast. And the wildlife - who's gonna save them?? They are our source of food - even here in the Midwest - and jobs for many thousands of people. What have we done?? Do we really need oil this bad? Why can't we phase it out with other methods....I mean, for cryin' out loud - what did we do 100 years ago before plastics were invented? I think we need to look to the old ways to start saving our planet for our children. Not to say that everything we've done is bad - but we should think long and hard about our lifestyles and how we can change them so that we don't depend on companies like BP.....