Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Okay - I've decided to keep trudging thru and improving my skating skills so I can be a full blown WFTDA approved derby girl. I've been renting out our local (old) school gym and practicing honing my skating skills. It is really hard work. I also plan to drop at least 10 - 20 lbs by supplementing this with regular (forced) exercise. I will conquer. I will succeed.
I got some new skates coming - thanks to Bruised Boutique!!! They are so awesome. I decided to get the Riedell 165s Vixens because my Sure-Grip Rebels just weren't cutting it for me. Stupid narrow feet. I'm hoping these are loads better. I also got some new wrist guards, because - let's face it - the stink from my old ones could kill a fully grown man within 2 feet. Plus they are shredded to the point of no fixing...I think it's time to bury them. Maybe this will keep the squirrels out....
I also got some awesome Sure-Grip Fugitive wheels (blue) - hopefully they will work for my (ever improving) form. I also might be getting an upgrade on my knee pads as someone I know is selling theirs and I would love to have a better pair - especially for under cost (she wore them for a month). Now to get back to my bootie grinding...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yea for Halloween! I love this time of year - the leaves start crisping up and turning wonderful colors, the air has a bit of a bite to it, and Thanksgiving & Christmas are right around the corner. Which means I better get my butt in gear and finish all my Christmas presents....

The rug monkeys were super happy - they got to go to their first school Halloween party. They went as a hippie & a hillbilly.....make me think of an 80's sitcom :)  Hope to post some more pics of finished products soon - enjoy the kiddos for now!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ugh. Been so busy - working/knitting/crocheting up a storm. Taken some time off derby - we'll have to see if I can get fast enough to pass the WFTDA skillz test before I decide if I'm gonna come on back. Not too happy about the "rookie" team either....

Here's some pics of the new finished objects...

I am totally diggin' this weather though - I LOVE fall. Seriously. Dogs & kids get to run out in the yard and tire themselves out - garden's done & the tree rats (aka squirrels) are eating the leftovers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay - so I should be like the best mom in the world. EVER.

I made cupcakes for the rug monkey's pre-school class and made awesome Dr. Seuss chocolates to go on top. I have some mad piping skills : 0 )

These were friggin' crazy - took - almost literally - all day from start to finish. But I think they look pretty good for someone who doesn't ever do stuff like this :) 

I will be doing this AGAIN for the birthday party in a couple of weeks - at least til then I can rest my hands and poor poor for a bottle of wine. I've earned it!!  :)

<---  Finished product  - first two pics
bottom two pics are in production shots!  : )

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun stuff. Still have a broken tailbone and not getting any better. Boo. But - on a good note - my garden is going crazy!!  I have loads and loads of Romas & cherry tomatoes and then I've got greeny beans coming out the wazoo.  Woohoo for garden goodness! I still can't figure out a way to keep the squirrels out. Maybe if I get Maggie & Roscoe to stand guard....  :)
Getting ready for the Philo Fall Festival - knitting up loads of hats, scarves & shawls....busy, busy, busy!! Here's the rug monkeys playing in the yard....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Been really busy this summer - tending the garden and making lots of knitty things...I just can't help it. I'm having a mad, passionate affair with yarn. I love it - the texture, the colors, the different fibers....(drool)

Once I get some time - I'll upload some more pics....until then, dream away...   : )

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

       Getting ready to take my WFTDA skills test at the end of the month - so busy, busy, busy! I love the feel of getting on my roller skates, and getting out on the floor getting ready to use my "assets" to pummel the crap outta people! Seriously - there is nothing like it!  : )  Hoping I will be fast enough by the end of the month to pass - I think I got all the rest of the skills...I hope!
       Getting ready to also put more new stuff in the shops! I've got some more fabrics and some more vintage goodies (Like this Hollie Hobbie sewing machine toy from 1975!) going stop by and see!
        On a more depressing note, I think we need a real President - not a crappy politician who can't actually lead a country. This Gulf oil spill should have been taken care of when it first happened, NOT 58 days later when it's starting to threaten the lives of all the people who live within a couple hundred miles off of the coast. And the wildlife - who's gonna save them?? They are our source of food - even here in the Midwest - and jobs for many thousands of people. What have we done?? Do we really need oil this bad? Why can't we phase it out with other methods....I mean, for cryin' out loud - what did we do 100 years ago before plastics were invented? I think we need to look to the old ways to start saving our planet for our children. Not to say that everything we've done is bad - but we should think long and hard about our lifestyles and how we can change them so that we don't depend on companies like BP.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

After spending last week at Disney World (woohoo Mickey Mouse & gang!) - I really need a rest! We ended up going through Nashville right before the really ugly flooding on I-24 (by about 2 hrs!!) and want to say a little prayer for all those that live there and are going thru the ugliness of it right now. I also want to say a little sad goodbye to my cousin Erin - who (at 30) recently died of an asthma attach - rest in peace my sweet & funny cousin :( 

On a brighter note, I am getting some more stuff to put in the shops - some hand made goodies as well as some vintage awesomeness! I've had lots of inspiration and am cracking the whip!!

  On another shout out - go to my Twin City Derby girls - who are about ready for their first scrimmage between the 'Paign & the Boneyard Bombshells!!! One of these days - I'll be there getting ready to kick some butt with ya!! Maybe after the broken tailbone heals...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Very, very busy :) Which is totally awesome! And a quick thanks to the following people for the shout outs for my items - & Thanks again!

I seem to be finally picking up in business - which is totally rocking!! I also started a new store - which is just for crafty supplies - here at

Here is a preview of some of my new items....

Monday, March 29, 2010

 Okay -  so I've been a bit remiss in keeping up with this blog. Oh well....
I've had a lovely little 2 week ongoing migraine that totally sucked the life outta me. Haven't even been able to do Roller Derby - and that really SUCKS. I didn't realize how much I would love it - and I mean really love it! The girls are all cool - and most of us are from totally different walks of life. Some are married, others have kids, others are kids (the college kind!) and some are even in their middle 40's...I hope I make it that far!!

Also starting up a sister Etsy shop - this one with just supplies. I've collected way too many and am in dire need to get rid of some just to have some more space. Sad. But loads of new deals on yarn and fabrics!! See my new shop at!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ugh! Washing machine is still not fixed and this is going on week 3....
On the upside - DERBY practice tonight!! For those of you who haven't heard - we recently started a local league for roller derby. Seriously awesome fun. Really. It's been a blast. I got my new Sure Grip skates in and I LOVE them! Now I just need to learn how to skate better....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorry its been awhile - I've been terribly busy :) Superbowl party yesterday - Woohoo SAINTS!!! - and washing machine being broken - thanks again Whirlpool for making sure my parts don't come in for at least a week! - and loads of other stuff have made sure my weeks have been flying by. On a good note - I got my lighting cube for better jewelry pics - go check them out!! I spent a good portion of 2 day re-taking pics of existing jewelry so that they look a bit more professional and hopefully that means more people will want to purchase them!
On another note - I joined the Twin City Derby Girls roller derby team!!! Seriously excited and cannot wait til our next practice!! I'm hoping my skates come in before Wednesday, because I hate the rentals!!! Plus - hopefully my skating will improve to the point of not embarrassing myself :)
More groovy stuff being listed in the store today - hope y'all enjoy it!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Okey Dokey - I had to share my latest finds with ya...I got a beaver fur coat (full dress length!!!) for a steal at one of the local vintage shops!! Seriously awesome - have to get it cleaned (has a funky "I've been stored somewhere in the closet for 40 years kinda smell) and repair a small hole. I can't wait to see what else I find :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting ready for that lovely freezing fog advisory. Hoping for some good 'ole karaoke fun tonight. Maybe. But I was able to put some lovely new things in the store - so stop by and take a look!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I go grocery shopping today - no biggie. Get the kiddies into the cart and off we go - kinda. We got stopped by a local news channel to see if I would answer some questions about groceries and prices ON CAMERA. Since I always look stellar when I grocery shopping (NOT) I agree, because at least the kids are cute - and well behaved (for once). Needless to say, I will look horrible with my non-made up face with its lovely acne and my super huge sweater. But at least the kids are cute :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Well - its finally here :) Happy New Year!
My goals (not a resolution - those are just made to be broken) for this year are to
a) eat more locally grown food
b) start running again
c) do random acts of kindness for people
d) try not to be too much of a bitch :)
e) teach my kids to read

I'm also hoping to get more done for my Etsy shop ( and learn how to knit socks. I really love knee socks and it is so hard to find any that don't suck. All the China made crap is soooo thin and I really love angora and cashmere (really - who doesn't??) so I figure it's about time I made my own. I'll let you know how that goes... :)