Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay - so I should be like the best mom in the world. EVER.

I made cupcakes for the rug monkey's pre-school class and made awesome Dr. Seuss chocolates to go on top. I have some mad piping skills : 0 )

These were friggin' crazy - took - almost literally - all day from start to finish. But I think they look pretty good for someone who doesn't ever do stuff like this :) 

I will be doing this AGAIN for the birthday party in a couple of weeks - at least til then I can rest my hands and poor poor for a bottle of wine. I've earned it!!  :)

<---  Finished product  - first two pics
bottom two pics are in production shots!  : )

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun stuff. Still have a broken tailbone and not getting any better. Boo. But - on a good note - my garden is going crazy!!  I have loads and loads of Romas & cherry tomatoes and then I've got greeny beans coming out the wazoo.  Woohoo for garden goodness! I still can't figure out a way to keep the squirrels out. Maybe if I get Maggie & Roscoe to stand guard....  :)
Getting ready for the Philo Fall Festival - knitting up loads of hats, scarves & shawls....busy, busy, busy!! Here's the rug monkeys playing in the yard....