Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need some lovin'.....

  Our derby (WFTDA) skills test is coming up quickly (Feb 1st - YIKES!) and I'm getting ready to do the big dirty. Taking the test, that is. I'm super scared and losing confidence quickly - and having a horrible practice last night isn't helping. One of the minimum skills required is doing 25 laps in 5 min (or less) and although I'm close....I'm not close enough. I'm at around 23 - and hoping to get those 2 more on adrenaline on test day. Pray for me - I need it!  I think all my other skills are pretty good - at least good enough to pass the test. I'm still working on my endurance - but hitting the gym to skate (4-5 days a week) is definitely helping. Now if I could just lose about 30-75 lbs....  :) 
  I am very encouraged by my derby girls and strive to be a better - non-negative - person. Thank you Chelsea, Kara, Nikki, Jamie & Jamie, Tammy and Layne & Amber for really helping me get thru this - you guys ROCK. In a seriously hard derby sorta way.  These girls make it a point to keep my spirits up when I'm feeling like the shit that sticks to the bottom of your foot on a hot & sticky day. And they keep at it - yelling at me when I need it and being just plain awesome.
  My real goal for this year is to make a derby team - I don't really care which one - just make the stupid team. But I also want to be a better person - try to not be such a bitch and to be more forgiving and have less complaining come out of my (forever open) mouth. Hopefully I'll also not hurt myself again this year - that in itself is a major goal...  :D

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