Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does anyone have the book, "Motherhood for Dummies"?? I seem to have missed the section on why kids put things in their pants - especially Inka Dinka. Is this just something boys do?? Or is it universal for both sexes? And when do they stop fighting?? Because I think they started too early (2 & 3) - so that means they should be done sooner, right?

On the other hand, his is getting to be a real scream. He comes up with these weird little "Bubbyisms" like - "hang-a-berger" for hamburger and instead of the word "today", he'll say "on this day"....HUH??? Plus, both of the rug monkeys seem to have a lovely little Southern accent. Since when does anyone we know even speak with a Southern accent?? Sure, I'll use y'all every once in awhile - but come on! I do love a big "MAMAAAA!!" every once in awhile too... :)

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