Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've done it - finally... it's taken me a long time, but I've finally done it - the ultimate crap shoot - created a blog. And one that, no one will care, or read about - and just like everybody else - I'm here to gripe about what irritates me on a daily basis. So HAHAHA to you for being dumb enough to read it :)

Not much happening this week - just the usual swarm of Asian beetles invading my personal space and privacy. Inka & Ickle are, as usual, jumping around screaming whenever one of them gets too close (which means anywhere between 3 and 50 ft) and screaming for me to "get it". Since when did I sign on to be the "bug killer" in the family?? I don't remember this being a requirement for motherhood...

Elvis (we have nicknamed all the squirrels in our yard this) is up to his usual antics - eating thru every pumpkin that was put on our porch by my Dad. Thanks Dad for the rotting carcasses of pumpkins all over our porch. Really.

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