Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So I've finally started writing my own knitting patterns - at least one, that is...
When I've finished the final product - I'll let y'all see it as a gorgeous finished hooded cowl...and then think about finishing writing down the pattern. And all of it's lovely mistakes. Such is the life of a newbie knitter. Plus - you have to consider the fact that Ickle Pickle and Inka Dinka are being rotten rug monkeys (as those their age are prone to do) and I have to herd them on to the couch before major damage is done.

My version of the Beatles in Perler beads is coming along nicely as well...Paul is getting a little help from his friends (sorry :) I couldn't help it) and I decided that the Yellow Submarine would be the best bet for the coolness factor. And I just made it totally lame by even saying that. The best Perlers I've done so far were the Alice in Wonderland and the rabbit - need to do those again, 'cause they were fun :) What'da think of them??

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